Frequently Asked Questions

Am I buying a product or a License?
Answer: are purchasing a one year from date of purchase user license. Discounts are available for two and three year initial license agreements.

Do you only take credit cards?
Answer: No. In addition to certain credit cards, ComplyTek, Inc. will accept checks and valid purchase order (PO) numbers from corporations.

How does customization work?
Answer: In the event that the original product does not meet the content and/or appearance needs of a client, ComplyTek has the expertise and experience to modify the product to your satisfaction for extremely fair pricing. Contact us for more information.

How do I provide input for additional desired product titles?
Answer: Please email us at with suggestions for future titles and whether continuing education type credits are important for your position.

What if I buy a certain amount of training seats, assign them to employees, and then have turnover?
Answer:  You can reassign training seats to another employee as long as the previously assigned employee has not accessed and completed the training already.  If they have, you will need to buy another seat to accommodate new or replacement employees.

Do you offer package pricing if I decide to buy more than one module?  
Answer: Yes, we offer tremendous savings for any combination of 3 modules and even greater savings for all 5 modules.

How do I order?
Answer:  You can fax, email, or call us with your specific order requirements.  Please check the How to Order section for an order form, and the contact us section if you have any questions. This requires that we send you an order form to use which is only acceptable with the License Agreement.

Do you include an LMS?
Answer: Yes, we provide a basic LMS with our online products at no charge.

Can I host ComplyTek products on our corporate server?
Answer:  Yes, with some minor additional work, ComplyTek’s SCORM compliant products may be licensed for use on a client’s server.

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