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Discrimination in the Workplace


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Course Overview:
Discrimination of any kind in the workplace creates not only a potentially significant legal problem for a company but may also undermine a company’s ability to hire qualified workers and create a productive workplace environment.  Inappropriate behavior that may seem minor or accepted by one employee may be considered discriminatory by another.  Just one minor incident can become an immediate risk to a company’s health.  Training on both the law and how to avoid these potentially damaging types of discriminatory situations is of utmost importance to today’s business leaders.

Duration: 60 minutes

Target Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Employees

Lesson Objectives:

  • Become familiar with the legal and regulatory requirements dealing with discrimination in the workplace.

  • Understand federal law as it applies specifically to the following forms of discrimination:
                      *Racial                                        *Compensation
                      *Religious                                   *National Origin
                      *Sex (Gender)                             *Age
                      *Pregnancy                                  *Disability

  • Understand the restrictions upon retaliation against an employee for reporting a discrimination situation in the workplace.

Workplace Safety
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