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Workplace Safety


Format: Online
NOTE: Corporate hosted solutions available.

Licenses: $22.00 per learner
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Course Overview:
This one hour Workplace Safety course is designed to provide an employee with an awareness level orientation of basic safety requirements in the workplace.  Costs to a company in both workman’s compensation fees and lost productivity, as well as potential legal damages due to injuries in the workplace can quickly become overwhelming.  Continuous training on basic safety precautions is a requirement that companies cannot afford to overlook in today’s high paced workplace.

Duration: 60 minutes

Target Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Employees

Lesson Objectives:

  • Become familiar with OSHA’s workplace safety guidelines.
  • Understand how to protect yourself in the workplace related to the following:
    • Injury and illness
    • Common workplace hazards
    • Ergonomics
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Indoor environmental problems
    • Outdoor environmental conditions
    • Workplace violence
    • Disability

Workplace Safety
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